Question: How to purchase InApp aircraft for iPad/iPhone?

Buying InApps directly from the Apple AppStore.

InApps for iPad / iPhone

1. Step) Select “Aircraft” at the main menu.


2. Step) Select the aircraft you want to buy and tip on the green button to purchase


3. Step) Login at your iTunes account using your Apple-ID password


4. Step) Go back to the main menue and select the aircraft you bought before. You can now select and fly by a double tip. In case of  support_ipad_purchase02_ensome aircraft you can select different finishes. Tip on the triangles beside the label to select.  Shown on the picture the finish “AirCanada” was selected. Please note: If you ever reinstall the aerofly app or if you downloaded an update  you have to resore all InApp purchases by click on “Restore purchases on the button in the upper right corner.