Question) How to restore default settings under OS-X?


Answer: To restore the factory settings under OS X you have to delete all files in a specific aerofly folder.  It is the config folder in aerofly directory.  Proceed as follow:

1) Open the Finder.
2) Click with the mouse in the main menu on “Go to”
3) Press the “Option” key. As long as you hold the Order “Libary” appears.
4) Click on the  “Libary” folder in order to open.

For the download version from the Apple AppStore applies:

Please delete the following subfolder under ~ / Library / Containers / 

In Case of aeroflyFS delete: com.aerofly.aerofly-fs

In Case of aeroflyRC delete: com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-7


For the DVD box applies:

Please delete the following subfolder under ~ / Library / Application Support / 

In Case of aeroflyFS delete: aerofly-fs

In Case of aeroflyRC delete: aerofly-rc-7