Question) How can I connect my own radio?

USB-Interface for R/C Radios

support_spektrumConnect your own radio via this IKARUS USB-Interface #3031010 to your computer. You can use this controller for Windows PCs and also Apple Mac Computers. Price: 44,95 €

The USB-Interfaceset #3031010 includes 3 components:

  • The USB-Interface
  • An optional needed adapter #3024040 and
  • A 1,5 m long cable.

Depends on your radio you could need a special adapter!

Futaba_31036At the top image you can see as example the connection of a Spektrum with adapter #31036 and his 3.5 mm mono plug. On the other image is a Futaba radio connected with adapter #31036 and his square plug.

The included adapter #3024040 will only used at some special radios. See here which ones.

For all other radios (e.g. Sanwa, Multiplex, Graupner-HoTT) we recommend the Optio No. 3 or No. 5 for a wireless connection.


Flying wireless with any 2.4 GHz or former MHz receiver

SLC_3Sticks_mitIf you still have an USB-Interface from IKARUS than you can use the Single-Line-Converter #7011050 to fly wireless. The SLC is usable for any 2.4 GHz or former MHz receiver. You can transmit up to 8 channels to the interface. All red, yellow or black IKARUS USB-Interfaces are compatible for this solution!
Price: 29,95 €


support_hott Flying wireless with PPM sumsignal receiver

(e.g. Graupner HoTT )

Plug in the USB interface #3031020 to a free USB port. The interface will be detected automatically by Windows PCs or Apple Mac Computers. Than connect the USB interface with a single patch cable to your receiver at the sum signal output.

Price: 44,95€

SimController_systemeFlying wireless with digital sumsignal receiver

(e.g. Futaba-SBus, MPX-SRXL or Spektrum-Satellite)

Connect the RC SimConnector #3031100 to a free USP port at your Windows PC or Apple Mac Computer. The interface will be recognize automatic. Your own R/C receiver with digital sumsignal will be connected via the included patch cables.
Price: 49,95€