Question) How can I connect my own radio wirelessly?

Flying wireless you need a working combination of a R/C radio and a R/C receiver. Please note that 2.4 receiver must be binded to there radio before.

kabellos_fliegenThe reveiver do not need a extra power supply in any cases.

Depending on the receiver type you have two options to fly wirelessly.

Option 1:

support_slcFlying with any standard 2.4 GHz or older MHz receivers

Insert our USB interface #3031010 into a free USB port in your Windows or Apple Mac computer. The USB interface will be detected automatically.

Please connect the USB interface and your receiver with the Single Line Converter #7011050 as shown on the right.
Because the single line converter transmits up to 8 channels you can use any receiver type.

Option 2:

support_hottFlying with PPM sum signal receiver like Graupner HoTT

Plug in the USB interface #3031020 into a free USB. The interface will be detected automatically. Than connect the USB interface with a single patch cable to your receiver at the sum signal output.