RC Support Upgrade

How can I upgrade my former flight simulator to aeroflyRC7?

Depending on the former IKARUS flight simulator you still have there are different upgrade pathes to aeroflyRC7:


For Windows:

As a users of an aerofly5 for Windows you can buy a discounted upgrade to aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE in our shop. You can use your USB IKARUS commander or IKARUS USB interface at the new flight simulator aeroflyRC7 any longer.
During the payment process you´ll ask for your former aerofly5 productkey.  lease type in the key you can find on your aeroflyf5 DVD. The check takes only a few moments. At the end of the payment process you´ll get a new aeroflyRC7 key.

Please note: For each aerofly5-product key you can only buy one upgrade.


For Mac:

All users of the Mac version can buy an upgrade from aerofly5 to the up-to-date aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE directly from the Apple AppStore. Please buy the aeroflyRC7 STANDARD version at first and start the program. After that you can buy the ULTIMATE version as a InApp.
If you flown aerofly5 before you can type in your aerofly5 product key and get the upgrade for a discounted price. Your former key is printed on your aerofly5 DVD.

Please note: For each aerofly5-product key you can only buy one upgrade.


For Windows or Mac:

All users of a aerofly Professional Deluxe for Windows or Mac can use their USB IKARUS commander or IKARUS USB interface at the new flight simulator aeroflyRC7 any longer. All you need is the software of the up-to-date flight simulator aeroflyRC7.

You can buy the Windows versions as a download or as a DVD in our shop. The Mac versions  are only available at the Apple AppStore.