Welche Commander und Interfaces kann ich für den aeroflyRC7 nutzen?

You can use these Commander and interfaces for aeroflyRC7?

When it comes to selecting the control device the user enjoys total freedom! The aeroflyRC7 recognize any USB gamecontroller, whether it’s an IKARUS commander or an RC transmitter with USB adapter.

If you want to fly with your own RC radio please use the IKARUS USB-interface (#3031010) to connect the radio to a free USB port at your computer.

Compatible aeroflyRC7 acessories:

rc7_zubehoer_400• The IKARUS USB-Interface (#3031010) or (#3031020)

• The IKARUS SimConnector (#3031100)
easyFly3 and easyFly4 GameCommander

aerofly Professional GameCommander

aerofly5 GameCommander

• All black USB-Interfacesticks by IKARUS

• All red multiplayer adapter by IKARUS

• All yellow easyFly3 and easyFly4 USB-Interfacesticks

• The USB-GameCommander by Realflight

• The Simulus-Commander by Pearl

• USB Gamepads, e.g. the easyfly3 USB-Gamepad

• USB mouses

General Note: All Commander, joysticks and interfaces which are automatically detect by windows as an USB input device and which can be calibrate as game controller by the windows control panel are usable. Because the Reflex and Phoenix interface cable are not recognized as game controller they are not usable as interface for an R/C radio.