How to configure switchable graphics – nvidia

In some cases it might be necessary to configure the switchable graphics.

Therefore you just need to follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Please make a right click on the desktop. You will get a new menu. Now please select “nvidia control panel”.
  • In the “nvidia control panel” you need to select “Manage 3D Settings” Please go over to “Program Settings”.
  • Now you will have to “Add” the simulation you would like to be started with the nvidia card. Therefore you will have to add the application file of your simulation – e.g. “aerofly5.exe”. If there is file named “flyrun.exe”, you may add this,too.
  • Instead of global settings you now need to change it to “NVIDIA high-performance processor”.
  • To finish that configuration you just need to click on save. Now you are able to start the simulation using the nvidia processor.