Aerofly FS 1 Downloads

Aerofly FS 1 Downloads

On this page you will find the latest updates for Aerofly FS 1 and the current manual in Adobe PDF format.

Aerofly FS 1 manual

Click on the following links to download the manual for Aerofly FS 1 either in english, german or french language.

  >> Download english Aerofly FS 1 manual in Adobe PDF Format
  >> Download german Aerofly FS 1 manual in Adobe PDF Format
  >> Download french Aerofly FS 1 manual in Adobe PDF Format


Download Updates
Click on the following link to download the update for Aerofly FS 1 for Microsoft Windows. The size of the download is 486 MB.

  >> Download Update Version for Windows

Run the downloaded executable by double-clicking on it. It doesn’t matter where you copy the file, the updater will automatically locate Aerofly FS 1, simply follow the instructions.

List of changes

  • Added the Zuerich International airport
  • Bug fixes when using Windows 10

  • Minor bug fix when using Aerofly FS 1 on Microsoft Windows Network drives
  • Bug fixes for some challenges

  • The ‘Copilot’ function is fixed. Copilot off will turn off all active Autopilot functions, turning Copilot on will set current heading and altitude as new values.
  • The Controller window has two new functions for showing the flight-information and the moving map
  • Fixed a bug, that Aerofly FS 1 is running in compatiblity mode on Windows 8.1
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding the challenges
  • Fixed a performance problem on older NVIDIA cards
  • The terrain quality settings have an additional option for low end 3D cards. Please check your settings again after installing this update.

  • NEW: Added detailed airports: Altenrhein, Bern and Alpnach
  • NEW: Improved selection of the starting position
  • NEW: Improved autopilot functionality: Select heading, Altitude and rate of climb, enable different modes individually
  • NEW: Added support for multi-engine aircraft and individual engine control
  • NEW: Added individual (left/right) brake control
  • NEW: Added navigation, anti-collision and landing lights to all aircraft
  • NEW: Improved terrain rendering
  • NEW: Added sun blend and bloom effect
  • NEW: Added air-brakes to the F18

  • Fixed a problem with the installer not locating all versions of Aerofly FS 1

  • Ground height value in the info window was showing wrong values ( metric and us units were interchanged )

  • Faster program start and lower 3D graphics card memory usage
  • New mouse look mode when in Cockpit mode ( Press and hold the left mouse button, then move
    the mouse to look around. This does not work if you use the mouse for steering )
  • The textual info window has been replaced by a graphical display with an artifical horizon
  • Faster rendering of textual terrain features
  • Bug fixes for the NVIDIA 600er series
  • Achievements and Stats that give an overview of your flying carreer
  • Improved support when using two identical joysticks
  • Important note: After installing this update, all challenge progress made so far will be resetted

  • Improved cloud rendering.
  • Fixed HUD display when using Track IR.
  • View modes and windfield display can now be assigned to a joystick button or alternate key
  • The weight of the Cessna has been reduced. Previously the weight was that of a fully loaded Cessna with 4 passengers, we have now
     removed the weight of two persons.
  • The moving map inside the Discus has been fixed.
  • Adjusted the “flyable area” so that one can get further to the east.
  • All airports may now be selected as starting positions.
  • Additional park and tank positions for Birrfeld and Meiringen.
  • Reduced the minimum FPS to 20. If Aerofly FS 1 drops below this, the physical simulation runs like in slow motion. Previously this was at 33.
  • The maximum FPS is now limited to 125, so Aerofly FS 1 does not render more frames than necessary.

  • This update introduces additional graphic settings, e.g. one can completely turn off trees.
  • The moving map displays additional information such as brake and flap position.

Aerofly FS 1 Update Version 1.0.5 for Mac OS X

Note: This update is for the boxed version of Aerofly FS 1. If you have purchased Aerofly FS 1 online in the Apple Mac App Store, please update your application direct through the App Store on your Mac.

Click on the following link to download the update for Aerofly FS 1 for Mac OS X.

  >> Download update to version 1.0.5 für Mac OS X

When the download is finished, double click on the ZIP file to extract it. Mac OS X might do this for you automatically after the download has finished. Next, double click on the application “aeroFly FS-Update Version 1.0.5” which will start the update process. The updater expects Aerofly FS 1 in your Application folder otherwise the update process will fail.

List of changes

Version 1.0.5
  • Support for the INTEL HD Graphics 3000 graphic cards.
  • Better support for IKARUS USB Interface / USB GameCommander. After program start, move all sticks and sliders to the minimum
     and maximum positions to perform the calibration.