RC7 Requirements


aerofly-rc-7-logo_300pxSystem requirements

Due to the detailed 3D-graphics and the time consuming physics simulation it is highly recommended that your PC or Mac system meets the following minimum computer specifications to achieve a smooth simulation speed. For best performance and when using aeroflyRC7 with high quality graphic settings its recommended that your PC or Mac meets at least the recommended requirements.
Please note: 4D sceneries only run on the recommended system platform.

rc7-win-pc For Microsoft Windows 8/10/11

Available as DVD or Download
• Win Win 8.1 / Win10 / Win11 • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon64 X2 • 2 GB RAM • 18 GB free hard-disc space Graphics card: 3D video card with at least 512 MB DDR-RAM. Modern video GPUs like the UHD620 can run the RC7 in photo scenes.

•Windows 7/ Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 • 4 GB of RAM • Graphics card: 3D graphics card with 1 GB of dedicated RAM • USB joystick or USB game commander

rc7-mac-pcFor Apple Mac OS X

Erhältlich im Apple AppStore


• Mac OS X version 10.7 or newer • Intel based Mac • 2 GB of RAM • 18 GB of free hard-disc space • Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with at least 512 MB, Intel HD 3000 or faster.

• Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) • 4 GB of RAM • Graphics card: AMD or NVIDIA with at least 1 GB of dedicated RAM • USB joystick or USB game commander

The aeroflyRC7 is multilingual!


Select your menu language at installation or later.
Select english, french or german!

Universal for RC-radio, USB-commander, gamepads or mouse!

Universal for RC-radio, USB-commander, gamepads or mouse

When it comes to selecting the control device the user enjoys total freedom! The aeroflyRC7 recognize any USB gamecontroller, whether it’s an IKARUS commander or an RC transmitter with USB adapter.

rc7_zubehoer_400• IKARUS USB-Interface (#3031010) oder (#3031020)
• IKARUS SimConnector (#3031100)
• All aerofly Professional GameCommander
• All aerofly5 GameCommander
• All easyFly4 FullVersion Commander (not SE-Version)

• All black USB Interfacesticks by IKARUS
• All red SecondPlayer-Adapter by IKARUS
• All yellow easyFly3 and easyFly4 USB Interfacesticks
• The USB-GameCommander by Realflight
• The Simulus-Commander by Pearl

• USB Gamepads, e.g. the USB-Gamepad easyFly3
• A USB Computer Mouse

General Note: All Commander, joysticks and interfaces which are automatically detect by windows as an USB input device and which can be calibrate as game controller by the windows control panel are usable. Because the Reflex and Phoenix interface cable are not recognized as game controller they are not usable as interface for an R/C radio.

 Select your RC7-Version:


aerofly-rc-7-edition-standard_500px aerofly-rc-7-edition-pro_200px aerofly-rc-7-edition-ultimate_200px
Price (Euro) 39,90 99,- 139,-
Number of models 30 170 +200
Number of sceneries 5 43 +50
Models instantly scaleable  
Powered Aircraft 15 72 95
Helicopters 7 35 38
Multicopters 1 4 5
Jets 3 18 23
TrueScale Aircraft   4 6
Gliders 7 36 39