Which operating systems are possible for aerofly professional Deluxe?

aerofly professional Deluxe can be installed under MS-Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS-Windows7, MS-Windows8 (in the 32– and 64– bit versions) on Apple MacOS X, version 10.5.x, version 10.6.x, version 10.7.x, version 10.8.x, (provided that the Apple computer must have an Intel Core2Duo microprocessor) and among the major Linux distributions. (Debian, Kubuntu and Ubuntu have been successfully tested, and further well-known open source distributions should also work)


IMPORTANT: in order to install on Linux, very good knowledge of the chosen operating system is required. No support is offerd by IPACS or IKARUS for this installation option. The only way to get help is, searching the relevant Internet forums.