Die Einstellungen und Kalibrierung des Steuergeräts werden nicht gespeichert?[


Answer: Please note that the aeroflyRC  writes various information in different files in the user’s directory. This includes all graphics settings, the last selected model and also the controller calibration.
The target directory is    … /Documents/My documents/aeroflyRC7

There are different reasons for failures:

  • Sstructures or user rights are changed in past
  • Some antivirus programs (such as BitDefender) prohibit any automatic saving and writing in the user folder “C: Users user Documents”. Please also check their settings.
  • Maybe you have installed the RC7 on a different drive than C: / 

Trouble shooting
  • You can restore the aeroflyRC to factory settings in a first step.
  • If you are not familiar with user right settings, then maybe a new RC7 installation
    will be the easiest way to fix the problem.

Especially for Win-10:

As Win-10 user please check the current user permissions under Win10. Proceed as follow:

  • Click the Windows logo on the bottom left
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Accounts”
  • Click “family and other users”
  • Select an user and click on his name
  • Click “Change account type”
  • Now you have the choice between a standard user and administrator
  • Select “Administrator” and restart the PC