Question) How can I activate my aeroflyFS ?


The recommended way to activate aerofly is using the program itself, its the most comfortable and quickest way. If aeroflyFS is installed on a computer with no internet connection, please follow the steps below.

Note: You don’t need to activate aerofly if you have purchased the program as a download from the Apple Mac App Store.

Step 1: Locate your aeroflyFS Product-Key

support_aeroflyfs_dvd1_labelYou will find your Product-Key on the aerofly FS Disc 1. The key consists of 20 characters, devided in 5 blocks of 4 characters each. The hyphen ‘-‘ is not part of the aerofly FS Product-Key. Valid characters are the letters from A to Z and the numerals 0 to 9.

 Step 2: Write down your Serial-Number


You will find the required Serial-Number in the aerofly FS main menu under “Help -> Activate aerofly FS”. On the right picture we marked in color the box containing the Serial-Number. The Serial-Number has 24 characters. Valid characters are the letters from A to F and the numerals 0 to 9.

Step 3: Web activation

Next, click on the following link to open the web activation dialog: Webactivationdialog

Step 4: Request license file

Enter the aerofly FS Product-Key and the 24 character Serial-Number into the web activation dialog. Click on “license file download”. The required license file is automatically generated and downloaded by your browser. To transfer the file to a computer without internet connection, save it immediately after downloading for example on a USB stick. Important Note: Under no circumstances change the name of the license file or the file extension *.LIC, because otherwise the program will no longer be able to detect the license file.

Step 5: Transfer the license file to your aerofly FS computer

Using the Windows Explorer on your PC or the Finder on your Mac, open the aerofly FS user folder and copy the license file from the USB stick into this folder. This will complete the activation process. You will find the aerofly FS user folder of the currently logged-in user in the following locations: Note: By default the Library folder of Max OS X 10.7 “Lion” and Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” is hidden. To open the Finder with a visible Library folder, press and hold the ALT Key, choose the “Go To” menu and then select “Library”. A Finder window with the Library folder will then be opened. On Mac OS X 10.6 the Library folder is visible by default.