What kind of graphics card is recommended for aeroflyRC?

Grafic cards in Desktop PCs


For the aeroflyRC9 a 3D graphics card with min. 1 GB RAM is recommended. If you also want to use the VR mode for VR headsets you`ll need a 3d graphics card with min. 4 GB RAM. In desktop PCs a 3D graphics card is usually not a problem.

In notebooks dedicated 3D graphics cards are more likely in a higher price level. Current Windows notebooks with onboard GPUs, such as the UHD6xx series, are capable of smoothly rendering games like aeroflyRC in photo scenes. However, onboard GPUs clearly reach their limits in 4D scenes, especially with a full setup of clouds and flying in the follow mode. For a good performance in the 4D scenes a 3D graphics card is still required.

Apple Mac computers:  With the introduction of the new M1 and M2 processors there is also a new graphics card driver generation. This separates the usable Mac hardware into “before 2018” and newer. On current Macs with M1 and M2 the RC8 and RC9 runs very well. On older Macs with mid-class graphics cards before 2016 with actual macOS there may be display errors with the RC8 or RC9. On these Macs the RC7 from 2011 is recommended.

Users graphics cards

The list below shows graphics cards using by our customers successfully. This list should help purchasing a new PC or a video card. However, this list is not exhaustive!  A guarantee of successful operation just under different operating systems (and needed grafic card drivers) can not be given. Please always double check on the manufacturers webiste if there are actual grafic card drivers for your operating system available.

GeForce grafic cards for Windows Desktop-PCs:

GTX-970, GTX 970 4GB, GTX 10xx and higher

AMD/ATI Radeon grafic cards for Windows Desktop-PCs

 R7 200 Serie, R7 370, R7 370, R9 290 and higher