Can I split the engines at a multi engine aircraft?


Answer: Yes, you can control all motors with one channel or you can split up to four engines using 4 radio channels.
This feature allows to train your skills after an engine failure.

1. Step: Prepare your radio

In the aeroflyRC8 all engines are running sync by the throttle stick if you make your first calibration and setup. Channel 1 to 4 of the radio are assigned to the basic functions Throttle, Rudder, Aileron and Elevator. In this example the second gas channel should be splitted to the radio channel No. 5.

So please start programming a mixer in your radio “Gas to channel 5”
setting up with 100%. Check this mixer e.g. with the servo monitor in
your radio before launching the RC8.


2. Step: Radio calibrationrc7_klappen-02a

Now connect your radio via your Interface with the computer and repeat the calibration in aeroflyRC8 under “Controller” -> “Search for a new controller”.
Take care that two bars are follwing the throttle stick from now. If yes, please proceed with the calibration and finish.




3. Step: Assign different throttle controls

Open in the main menu “Controller” and “Assign controller (Profi)”. Click in the table “Airplane” on the plus sign to open the 4-throttle  menu.

If you now move the throttle stick at your radio all 4 gas bars will be still moving synchronized.

Using the table  you can now split Throttle-2 to “channel 5” . In this  image via the column “Y-rotation”.





From now you have all options via the transmitter to control both engines together or splitted. In the picture on the right, the 2nd engine is completely throttled.