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aeroflyRC7 is available in different editions. Have a look at the comparision below to see the differences. You may upgrade your edition at any time by purchasing an upgrade to the Ultimate edition.


aerofly-rc-7-edition-standard_500px aerofly-rc-7-edition-pro_200px aerofly-rc-7-edition-ultimate_200px
Price (Euro) 79,- (Download)
Number of models 30 170 +200
Number of sceneries 5 43 +50
Models instantly scaleable  
Powered Aircraft 15 72 95
Helicopters 7 35 38
Multicopters 1 4 8
Jets 3 18 23
TrueScale Aircraft   4 6
Gliders 7 36 39
Recording/Playback feature  
Air Race    
Torque Trainer    
Heli Trainer  
F3A Grid    
Position guide    
Voice Chat  
Aero Tow / Second Player
Import user models  







aerofly-rc-7-edition-standard_500px aerofly-rc-7-edition-pro_200px aerofly-rc-7-edition-ultimate_200px
Arvada East Field, Colorado  
Aspach, Baden-Württemberg  
Augsburg MFCA, Bavaria
Ayers Rock, N. Territory  
Bennet Flying Field, Nevada
Carrier (4D)    
Desert, Arizona    
Eschenlohe, Bavaria  
Desert, Arizona (4D)
Flagstaff Flyers, Arizona  
Friedrichshafen Indoor  
Golden Gate, California    
Grassau, Bavaria  
Half Moon Bay  
Herrieden Stadel, Bavaria  
Hodges Hobbies, Georgia  
Creek Island, Ocean (4D)  
Norrison Island, Ocean (4D)    
Las Vegas, Nevada    
Lincoln Sky Knights, Nebraska  
Salzburg Kraiwiesen    
Sevenmile Canyon Moab, Utah  
Mono Lake, California  
Lee Vining Airport, California  
The Thumb Monument Valley  
Muncie AMA Field, Indiana (4D)  
Muncie AMA Field, Indiana
Neuburg/Donau, Bavaria  
Olsen Stadium, Lowa  
Hawk Field Omaha, Nebraska  
Parker Mountain, California  
Superstition Air Park, Phoenix  
Rottenburg MSV  
Schalmi, Adelboden    
Seiser Alm South, Tyrol  
Sparling Field, Nebraska  
Twin City Eagles Squadron Field  
Torrey Pines, California    
Triple Tree, South Carolina  
Tucson Modelplex Park  
Tyson Indoor, Lowa  
USS Hornet, California  
Venice R/C Fliers, Florida  
Vohenstrauss, Bavaria
Wasserkuppe, Hessen    
Weldon, California  
Wöllaner Nock, Kärnten
Wurmlingen Indoor  




  aerofly-rc-7-edition-standard_500px aerofly-rc-7-edition-pro_200px aerofly-rc-7-edition-ultimate_200px
A320-200 Jet  
A380 Jet  
Adrenaline 120 Airplane (motor)
Aermacchi MB339 Jet    
Airwolf Heli  
Albatros XXL Airplane (motor)  
Alpina 4001 Sailplane  
Alpina 5001 Sailplane    
Amethyst Airplane (motor)    
AS-350 Heli  
ASG 29 Sailplane  
ASK 13 Sailplane
B-17G Airplane (motor)
B-747 Jet  
Balmung-Mini Sailplane  
Baron 58 Airplane (motor)    
BE-200 Airplane (motor)  
Bf109E Airplane (motor)  
Bird of Time Sailplane
Birdy-DS Sailplane  
BK 117 Heli  
Blade 300X Heli  
Blade 400 Heli  
Blade 450X Heli  
Blade 700X Heli  
Blade XL Sailplane  
Bleriot XI Airplane (motor)  
Bo 208 Junior Airplane (motor)  
Bo-105 Polizei Heli
Bobcat Jet
C-5 Galaxy Jet    
Caliber Sailplane  
Caliber 5 Heli  
Caliber 90 Heli    
Calmato 40 Airplane (motor)  
Calmato 60 Sports Airplane (motor)  
Calmato EP 1400 Airplane (motor)
Cam-Flyer Q Airplane (motor)
Cap 10 Airplane (motor)  
CAP 232 Airplane (motor)  
Caravelle Airplane (motor)  
CC 950hexa Heli    
CH-46 Heli  
Christen Eagle Airplane (motor)  
CL-415 Seaplane    
Constellation Airplane (motor)  
Cosmic Wind Ballerina Airplane (motor)    
Cularis Sailplane  
D.H.89 Airplane (motor)    
DC-3 Airplane (motor)  
DFS-Reiher III Sailplane  
DG 808C Sailplane  
DG-1000S Sailplane
DG-1000S TrueScale TrueScale  
DHC-2 Beaver Airplane (motor)  
DHC-2 Beaver Float Seaplane  
DHC-2 Beaver TrueScale TrueScale    
DHC-6 Airplane (motor)    
Diamond DA-42 Airplane (motor)    
Discus 2CT Sailplane  
Dynamic 160 Sailplane  
Dogfight Airplane (motor)    
DuoDiscus Sailplane    
E-2C Airplane (motor)    
E-flite UMX Beast Airplane (motor)  
Eagle Freya Heli    
EC-135 Heli  
ECO 7 Heli
ECO 7 Lama Heli  
EDGE 540 arTistic Airplane (motor)  
Edge 540T Airplane (motor)  
Elektro-Taser Sailplane  
Evo Next Airplane (motor)  
Extra 260 Airplane (motor)  
Extra 330 S Airplane (motor)  
EXTRemA 330S Airplane (motor)  
F-16 Jet  
F-86 Sabre Jet  
F4U Corsair Airplane (motor)
F7F Tigercat Airplane (motor)  
F9F Panther Jet    
Falke SF 25-C 1:4 Sailplane  
Falke SF 25-C 1:3 Sailplane  
Foka 4 Sailplane  
Fokker Dr.1 Airplane (motor)  
Fokker Dr.1 38cm Airplane (motor)
Fouga Magister CM.170 Jet    
Fournier RF4-D Sailplane  
Freedom Glider Sailplane
Funjet Airplane (motor)
Futura Jet  
Futura 190 Jet  
Fw 190 Airplane (motor)    
GeeBee Airplane (motor)
GD 6 Heli    
GD 8 Heli  
Goblin 500 Heli  
Goblin 700 Heli    
Goblin 770 Heli    
Hall Bulldog Airplane (motor)  
Hawk Jet  
Helios Sailplane
Hirobo SDX 50 Heli
Intention Sailplane  
J-3 Cub Airplane (motor)
Jet Illusion DF45 Jet  
Ju 52 Airplane (motor)    
Junior S Sailplane  
Katana Airplane (motor)  
Kinetic 100 Sailplane  
Logo 500 SE Heli    
Logo400 Heli
Logo600 Heli  
Maja Airplane (motor)
MD 11 Jet    
MD 900 Heli  
MD500E Heli  
MD500E Floats Heli    
Me-163 Jet  
Merlin Sailplane  
Micro Trojan Airplane (motor)  
Mig-29 Jet    
Minimach Sailplane  
Mirage 2000 Jet    
Miss Wind S Pro Airplane (motor)    
MT2208 Quadro    
Multicopter CarbonCore 500×4 Quadro  
Northrop F5 Tiger Jet  
Obsession Airplane (motor)  
P-38 Lightning Airplane (motor)  
P-40E Airplane (motor)
P-51 D TrueScale TrueScale    
PAH-1 Heli  
PBY Catalina Seaplane  
Phantom Quadrocopter Quadro  
Pilatus PC-6 Airplane (motor)  
Pilatus PC-11 Sailplane
Pilatus PC-21 Airplane (motor)  
Piper J-3 Airplane (motor)  
Pitts 2b Airplane (motor)
Pitts Python Airplane (motor)  
Prolution 4004 Sailplane  
PT-40 Airplane (motor)
Puri Sailplane
QC100 Quadro  
Raketenwurm Sailplane  
Raptor 50 Heli
Rare Bear Airplane (motor)  
Robin DR400 Airplane (motor)  
Robin DR400 TrueScale TrueScale  
SA-315 Heli  
Satori Sailplane  
SB-13 Sailplane  
Sbach 342 Airplane (motor)
Seabee Seaplane  
Seawind Seaplane  
Shark Airplane (motor)
Slofun Airplane (motor)
Sopwith F.1 Camel TrueScale TrueScale  
Soxos 600 Heli    
Soxos 700 Heli  
Soxos 800 Heli    
Spacewalker Airplane (motor)  
Spark Airplane (motor)    
Speedwing Sailplane  
Spitfire MK 9 Airplane (motor)  
Sprint Jet
SR-22 Airplane (motor)  
Storm Sailplane
SU-29 Airplane (motor)  
Super Air II Airplane (motor)  
Super Decathlon Airplane (motor)  
Surprise 14 Sailplane  
Swift S-1 Sailplane    
Swiss Trainer Airplane (motor)  
T-Rex 450 Heli
T-Rex 600 E Heli  
T-Rex 700 Heli  
T-Rex 700e Heli  
Taxi Airplane (motor)  
TDS Heli    
ThreeDee MP XL-E Heli  
ThunderTiger Mini Titan V2 Heli  
Tiger Heli  
Tiger Moth Airplane (motor)    
Tucan Airplane (motor)  
Turbulence D3 Heli    
UFO Quadro
Ultimate Airplane (motor)  
Ultra Bandit Jet  
Velox Revolution 2 Airplane (motor)    
Vibe 50 Heli  
Visa Airplane (motor)  
Vision 90 Heli  
Wilga Airplane (motor)
Wright Flyer Airplane (motor)  
Xeno Airplane (motor)  
Yak 55 Airplane (motor)  
Yak-54 Airplane (motor)  
Yak-SP55M Airplane (motor)