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user-aircraft-01NEU: RC7- Usermodelle und -Setups

Der Modelleditor im aeroflyRc7 bietet eine unglaublich große Bandbreite möglicher Modifikationen. Sie können darüber Ihr Modell an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen. Einige User haben auch schon selber komplette Modelle erstellt und stellen diese hier zur Verfügung!

Hier geht es zur Downloadseite der User-Modelle


handy-szene01NEU: RC7-Handyfoto-Szenerien

 Viele Smartphones verfügen über eine 360-Grad- oder auch Global-Fotofunktion.  Machen Sie mit und erstellen Sie Ihren Modellflugplatz oder Lieblingsplatz für den aeroflyRC7In unserem ausführlichen Szenerie-Workshop zeigen wir, wie man aus einem solchen Handyfoto eine Szenerie für den RC7 erstellen kann.

Hier geht es zur Downloadseite der Handyfoto-Szenerien


New Update 7.4.5 for free!

for aerofly RC7 (Windows)

From now is a brand new update 7.4.5 for aeroflyRC7 available!
Train your multicopter skills by flying a precisions contest or fly all fantastic and interactive contests like ballon pop or airrace with multicopters from now.

Updates for Mac versions will be provide via the AppleAppStore. For RC7 under windows the newest updates are available at this page.

setsrc7NEW bundles at the IKARUS shop!

aeroflyRC7 on DVD with commander or interfaces!

From now you can buy one of 10 ready to fly bundles at our shop!

All bundles based on an aeroflyRC7 DVD with customized accessories. You can fly with our USB R/C FlightController (shown at the picture left) or you can use a bundle with one of our interfaces to fly with your own radio.

See all customized bundles at our shop

win10_logoActual Infos about Windows 10

The flight simulators aeroflyRC7 and aeroflyFS runs under Windows 10.

But an operation systems upgrade is better to think twice.

Please note all actuel infos about Windows 10 here.

popup_rc731_en15 new models for free!

Update 7.3.1 for aerofly RC7 ULTIMATE

From now all users of aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE (for Windows, Mac will follow) can download the new free update with 15 new fantastic models!

Fly with update 7.3.1 brand new multi copter, helis, jet and glider!

NEW Helis: Blade 700, Goblin 700, Soxxos 600, Soxxos 700, Soxxos 800, Henseleit TDS.

NEW powered models: Airliner MD-11 in 4 different finish, MPX-Dogfighter, DuoDiscus with turbine power, Motorglider RF4, Pilatus TurboPorter in 2 different designs, MPX-Tucan.

NEW Multi copter: CarbonCore 950, Hexacopter GD6 and Octocopter GD8.

Click here to download the newest updates for RC7 ULTIMATE

youtube-preview-001The 15 new models on video!

If you don`t have an aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE yet you can purchase the windows version here:

Buy aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE as Download or DVD here

Buy aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE as upgrade for aeroflyRC7 PROFESSIONAL or STANDARD here

Please note: All MAC-Versions are available directly at the Apple-AppStore!