RC8 purchase

On DVD or as a download for Windows

The aeroflyRC8 starts on DVD or as a Download for Windows. Both versions are equivalent and both versions are available via the IKARUS-Shop from now!

On DVD or as a Download: only 199,- Euro




Upgrades for aeroflyRC7 user

For all aeroflyRC7 users there are good news right from the beginning! You can benefit from discounted upgrades. One from RC7-PROFESSIONAL and another from RC7 ULTIMATE to the brand new aeroflyRC8 .





Content of aeroflyRC8 on DVD or as a download

  • 246 models / 54 sceneries / 8 4D sceneries
  • normal mode for PC-Monitor
  • 3D mode for VR-Headsets (Virtual Reality)
  • FPV-Parcourse for multicopter
  • Racetrack for all models
  • Auto gyros, motor trikes, retractable glider engine, Flettner roto wing
  • Helis, Jets, Multicopters, Aerobatics, Glider, Scale models, sea planes, true scale models
  • Super real reflections and water effects, super real dynamic effects
  • For all IKARUS-RC FlightController or USB-Interfaces


System requirements for Windows

Minimum (recommended) system requirements

  • 64-Bit Win 7/8/10
  • DualCore 2.4 GHz (QuadCore 3.0 GHz)
  • RAM 4 GB (8 GB)
  • Free Disc Space: 8 GB
  • 3D graphics card with 1 GB (2 GB)
  • Only for VR mode: graphics card with 4 GB.
  • The RC8 is optimized for Oculus-Rift and HTC-Vive Headsets