Stickmover – Train yous skills by feeling controls

The aeroflyRC8 supports the Stickmover by AVIrem from now.

The StickMover (#3036015) is a training USB device, which makes the executed control inputs of a flight figure perceptible. The sticks of the SickMover are actively controlled by the aeroflyRC8. The connection is very simple. After installing the free AVIrem software on the Win-PC or Mac the StickMover only has to be calibrated. From now the aeroflyRC8 detects a StickMover automatically.

Functionality: The pilot controls the models in the aeroflyRC8 with his IKARUS USB FlightController (#3036012) or his RC radio and an IKARUS USB interface. But the special thing is that the pilot’s control inputs are executed on the StickMover at the same time. From now the student can feel exactly what the pilot is flying. How is a figure correctly introduced and flown, what happens exactly during the approach. From now the team is accompanied by the option to feel what the pilot is flying at the transmitter.

Control mode: The control mode is completely freely selectable! The pilot chooses his own mode and the copilot independently chooses his own. All 4 control modes are independently selectable for both – even with inverted throttle. We see the StickMover as a great addition for explaining and practicing flying figures under the guidance of a pilot. Learn new figures, improve your skills and learn fast&easy!


Stickmover # 3036015