aeroflyRC8 Sceneries

Fantastic sceneries in aeroflyRC9

Flying aeroflyRC9 you have the choice between  59 sceneries!


In photo sceneries you fly and train your skills in take offs, landings, aerobatic, heli hovering, soaring and you`ll have so much fun with contests such as ballooning, limbo flying and much more. Set up wind and turbulence and get involved in an extremely realistic model flight simulation.

In 4D-Szenen you can move, fly or walk through the scenery. Select in every 4D scenery numerous of starting positions and set all conditions like you want. Wind, visibility, turbulence, thermals and even the time of day. Fly through halls and barns in a follow mode and let the fun running wild.

A FPV scenery  offers unlimited fun in follow mode for FPV. Train  your skills on a FPV course, speed with all models around the racetrack through gates and halls, explore a old castle or fly for hours through a FPV city with buidings, places and parks.

Im VR-Modus you can use photo sceneries and preferably 4D scenes with a completely new feeling. You fly with your VR headset and you you`ll be a part of the scenery!  Pure gaming is mastering the FPV course or racetrack in the follow mode under the VR headset. Fun, fun, fun!