NEW: Download user sceneries

The scenes on this page were all created by aeroflyRC users. If you have already created an own scene for the RC7, we will gladly help you to convert the datas to the RC8. Please take in touch with IKARUS in that case.

Please note the installation instructions at the end of this page!

NEW! Background sounds: Increase the illusion of simulator flying with the new and great nature background sounds as MP3 files. Click here for more infos and sound download.

Have fun!

NEW: Riesa – Indoor (DE)

An indoor user scene for the RC8!  This is the highest level of pano photography!  A perfect image and light. A great enrichment for all RC8 indoor fans!
Image and geodatas K. Wuttke


Hegau-Bänkle (DE)

User scenerie of a slope at the volcanic landscape Hegau. “Bänkle” means park bench in the local dialect.  In this case you also can download the original  natural background sound here!
Image and geodatasB. und J. Vetter

ZIP-File: Rc8 Baenkle
Downloads: 0


MFG Oberriet (CH)

User scene of a Swiss model airfield. Top leveled, the sun from the right direction, several starting positions and winch launch. A simulator vacation day at aeroflyRC8
Image and geodatas: S. Walt

ZIP-File: RC8-Oberriet
Downloads: 239


LSV Overath (D)

User scene of a  large club airfield. One more RC club with his own airfield in aeroflyRC8.  By this it takes a minute to go “out” and make a flight!
Image and geodatas F. Kirch

ZIP-File: RC8-Overath
Downloads: 186


VMCR Arfield (NL)

User scenery of the aeroclub VMCR model river basin, at sea level in the foreland of a river dike, Gelderland (NL)
Image and geodatas: Robfromnl


MCB Bregenz (A)

A beautiful airflied with an unusual environment.  Some buildings require discipline in flying. A great scene to practice just that.
Image and geodatas: G. Klauser

ZIP-File: RC8-Bregenz
Downloads: 1152


SMAC Simencourt (FR)

The second scene by J.P Aria from France for the aeroflyRC8!  A airfield with a rough ground, perfectly setted up in the user scene.

Image and geodatas:  J.P Aria

ZIP-File: RC8-Simencourt
Downloads: 945


Tannenalm Multipano (A)

The second multipano user scene for the RC8! Launching at the upper forest and landing near the track.
A new, great scenery for the aeroflyRC8!

Image and geodatas: B. and J. Vetter


Val di Fassa (A)

Flying in front of a gigantic mountain scenery. The first edited scenery from the series “Porting of sceneries by Klaus Wuttke”.
is this beautiful hillside scenery “Val di Fassa”.

The ZIP download will be procced by the website www.sceneries.paulduerr.info


 Gerlitzen-Alpe Multipano (A)

The first Multipano user scenerie for aeroflyRC8!  Launch your glider at the upper air flied and land at the lower one. You can change your position via the two pointer. A fantastic new scene for the aeroflyRC8!  
Image and geodatas: B. and J. Vetter


AMAC Arras Club (F)

User scene showing the Airfield AMAC Arras Club RC in Roclincourt – France
Image and geodatas: J.P Aria



This user scenerie shows the large airfield used by the RC club “FMK Braunschweig”. To see all starting positions press “V”.
Image and geodatas: D. Naumann



Where you can you ever fly on a gliding field! In the aeroflyRC8 this is possible with this user scene from now and any time!
Image and geodatas: J. u.B. Vetter

ZIP-File: RC8-Hilzingen
Downloads: 884


NEW: Marmolata

This scenery is a slope scenery by K. Wuttke. The panorama was taken at “Bindelweg” with a view of the northern slope of the Marmolata.

The Download des ZIP  will be procced by the website www.sceneries.paulduerr.info


NEW: Rubi

This scenery shows the airfield of the Modellbauclub Oberstdorf and was originally created and published by K. Wuttke for the AFPD. The new edition 2017 of this scenery has an almost completely new 3D model and images.

The Download des ZIP will be procced by the website www.sceneries.paulduerr.info


Tannen-Alm / Tirol (A) with lauch platform

User scenery of a famous slope soaring hill in Austria. To select the different launcher positions type key “V” repeatedly.
To start the launcher platform press “space”.
Image and geodatas: J. Vetter

ZIP-File: Rc8 Tannenalm
Downloads: 1800


Gerlitzen-Alpe / Start at Pacheiner (A)

User scenery of a famous slope soaring hill “Gerlitzen Alpe” in Austria.
Image and geodatas: J. Vetter



Aufgrund der räumlichen Enge in der Umgebung des Startplatzes sowie der großen Zahl von Hindernissen eignet sich diese Szenerie hauptsächlich für Helikopter sowie kleinere Flächenmodelle.
Foto und Geländemodell:  P.Dürr
Der Download des ZIP erfolgt über die Webseite www.sceneries.paulduerr.info


Flying field MFC Wittgenstein (D)

User scenery of a flying field very close to the “Rothaargebirge
Image and geodatas by Bernd O.

ZIP-File: Rc8 Wittgenstein
Downloads: 1404

Marchesa (Switzerland)

User scenery of a private flying field near Chur / Graubünden. The image was made with a 24 MP DSLR camera using a special pano head.
Image, geodatas and collisions objects by Rico Riedi.

ZIP-File: Rc8 Marchesa
Downloads: 1507


Viewpoint at the Furka pass road(CH)

User scenerie very close to the parking place at the pass road with a fantatic view.
Image and geodatas: B. Garnier

ZIP-File: Rc8 Furkapass
Downloads: 1476



Installation of the user sceneries under Windows:

Please download the ZIP and move or copy the file directly into this user folder
Do not move the ZIP into the Programmfolder under C:/programs(X86)

After moving the ZIP please click the ZIP rights and select “extract here”.After the next program start you`ll see the new scenery under “Own sceneries” at the selection menue.

Installation of the user sceneries under OS-X:

Download the ZIP and extract the ZIP in the download folder. After that you will see three elements. A *.ttx file, a *.tsc file and a folder named like the scenery. Please transfer this three elements into this folder:

user/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-8/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/aerofly RC8/scenery

After the next program start you`ll see the new scenery under “Own sceneries” at the selection menue.