aeroflyRC9 Features

The aeroflyRC9 is here! The successor of the RC8 has been further developed in detail, expanded with new model types and very many models and provided with great new features. With the VR technology also offers the RC9 the real 3D feeling under a VirtualReality-Headset!

  • 273 Models / 59 sceneries / 8 x 4D sceneries
  • A more sensitive stall range behavior
  • A slider to setup the stall range individually on many models
  • Gliders with FES nose drive
  • 4D-actro models with variable pitch propeller and thus reverse thrust
  • Models with lighting effects such as landing lights and anti-collision lights
  • Models with LED lighting for night flying
  • Spectacular new RC models such as the Concorde, an F4 Phantom, GeeBee R, Slope Infusion, Thermy-SL, Piper Super Cub and many more.
  • FPV course for multicopters
  • Racetrack for all models
  • Flight physics optimized for model flight
  • Autogyros, hang gliders, folding engines, Flettner rotowing
  • Helis, jets, multicopters, aerobatics, gliders, scale models, water flight, true scale models
  • Superreal reflections and water reflections, superreal dynamic effects
  • Usable with  IKARUS RC/FlightController or USB-Interfaces