aeroflyRC8 Features


The aeroflyRC8 is here! The world-famous and successful RC7 has been further developed in every aspects. New model types and a very large number of models were also added like great new features. With the VR technology, real immersive experience is possible in the aeroflyRC from now!

  • 246 Models / 54 sceneries / 8 x 4D sceneries
  • 2D mode with a PC-Monitor
  • Immersive experience for VR headsets (Virtual Reality)
  • FPV track for multicopters
  • Race track for all models
  • For RC models, flying optimized flight physics engine
  • Autogyros, power trike, retractable glider engine, Flettner roto wing
  • Helis, jets, multicopters, aerobatics, gliders, scale models, sea planes, true scale models
  • Super real surface and water reflections, fantastic dynamic effects
  • Usable with  IKARUS RC/FlightController or USB-Interfaces