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Question: What is the “tm.log” file and where I can find it?

  The “tm.log” file is an important tool for the technical support team. The file logs the startup process and helps at troubleshooting. This file only exists after the first program start. Immediately after installation you don´t find a tm.log file. The file is a simple text file. If you are asked for the tm.log(…)

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Question) How can I activate my aeroflyFS ?

Offline-Productactivation The recommended way to activate aerofly is using the program itself, its the most comfortable and quickest way. If aeroflyFS is installed on a computer with no internet connection, please follow the steps below. Note: You don’t need to activate aerofly if you have purchased the program as a download from the Apple Mac(…)

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Error message: Error code 90000

  Answer: The error code 90000 could have several reasons: Error code 90000 displays if you try to activate an upgrade from aerofly5 to aeroflyRC7 with the product key of your former aerofly5. Please use the newer RC7 product key for activation. You get this key via mail immediately after purchasing the upgrade. Please note that you see(…)

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Question: My computer has no internet connection. What can I do?

   Answer:f there is no internet connection  or if you don`t want to connect your PC  to the Internet  then you have an options for an offline activation. In this casepPlease follow these instruction.

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