Question: While installing the update I get an error message “unable to overwrite” or “insert DVD”


Depending on the installation directory and access rights, it may happen that an update/upgrade cannot be overwritten or that the installer of the update/upgrade asks for the original data carrier.

I. Solutions for the message “Installer cannot write or save data”.

In this case the installer will find the existing aerofly, but cannot write in this path. First make sure that you have finished the simulator and then right click on the update file or the upgrade installer. Now select “Run as administrator”. Now you should be able to install the update/upgrade. Please note that it is now possible that you have to start the simulator with administrator rights as well. You can set this as default by right-clicking on the aeroflyRC icon on the desktop.

II. Solutions for the message “Please insert the original aerofly data DVD”.

In this case the installer will not find the existing aerofly at all. In most cases this is due to the fact that between the first installation and the update/upgrade of the aeroflyRC changes to the user accounts and/or user rights were made manually or by a Windows update.
The easiest way is to delete aeroflyRC7 completely and reinstall it.

You can find instructions here:

III. The upgrade e.g. from RC7-STANDARD to RC7-ULTIMATE was successfully completed, but you still do not have the new content available.

In this case please check first whether the upgrade was installed correctly in aeroflyRC7:

  • Do you see the new version as a logo on the top left of the start screen?
  • Do you get the new version displayed in aeroflyRC under “Help” and “About aerofly”?

If you do not see either, then either the upgrade was not completed successfully or you continue to use the key of the old version for activation.  In this case, please repeat the activation with the key of the higher version. You can activate this directly from within the program under “Help” and “Activate aerofly”.

If this was not the reason, it is best to delete the aeroflyRC completely and reinstall it.

  • You can find instructions here:
  • Please install only the highest aeroflyRC version after deleting. The installers always contain all data. So you do not need to reinstall the aeroflyRC7-STANDARD first and then upgrade e.g. to the aeroflyRC7-ULTIMATE.

  • You can use the installer of the higher version right away.
    If you no longer have the installer of an aeroflyRC7 upgrade from the IKARUS shop mail, you can always view your installers and keys via the Shophop customer account. You can find detailed information about the shop customer account here. 

  • After completing a new installation, always run the newest update again and then activate it.

IV. You get an error message after entering the key?
If so, you will find all solutions