Question: What´s about the sound when using a plasma or an LCD display


Answer: Yes. Plasma or LCD displays normally have an HDMI input plug. Actual graphic cards are supplied with a DVI or already with a HDMI interface. In both cases you need a lead (HDMI – > HDMI or DVI – > HDMI), which is available in well stocked elctronic shops: The simulators aeroflyRC and aeroflyFS are already supporting screen resolutions higher than the standard, specified as „FULL-HD “(1920 X 1080).

When using HDMI -> HDMI cable (presupposed the graphic card has a HDMI plug) the sound will also be transmitted. So no further cable is necessary. If the graphic card has a DVI-plug and you are using a DVI > HDMI cable, you also have to use a separate lead to transmit the sound.