Question) How to connect a Graupner HoTT transmitter to the IKARUS USB interface?

Connecting a HoTT receiver with a IKARUS-Interface

Please note that we recommend not to connect the 3.5 mm plug of any USB simulator interface directly to the HoTT transmitters of the mx- series or HoTT mc-16, -20, -32. This recommendation does not apply to the “old” Graupner / JR transmitters or iFS facilities in which our simulator interface cable works fine for years.

 Please note these things connecting a Graupner/SJ HoTT receiver via Interface #3031020


  • The used receiver or satellite is not bound to the transmitter.
  • The orange-colored core faces outwards instead of inward.
  • At the receiver the three-wire cable the is plugged in a normal channel output instead of the analog SumSignal output (depends on the receiver type!)
  • The receiver has no analogue sum signal (Sum0) but a digital (SumD). Graupners GR12 has only an analog signal. Graupners Gr16 must be setup up to an Sum0 by the transmitter. Important: A GR12L or GR12S or GR12-3G only generate a digital sum signal (SumD)! You cant use them for this option.

Specially for HoTT receicver with an analog sumsignal output channel we offer the USB-Interfaceset #3031020. Please connect the sumsignal output at the receiver and the IKARUS USB Interface with the patchcable (Orange cable to the middle)

Please note that the output signal must necessarily be set to “SUM-O”.


This setting is to be made by the transmitters menue. Details can be found at Graupners manuals.

Important note: Sometimes the sumsignal output is on channel 6 (GR-12) sometimes on channel 8 (Gr-16 or Gr-24) Please doublecheck the manual before.

Important: Flying by this way you`ll need a receiver with analog sum signal (GR-12) or GR-16 (where you set up an analog signal). The receivers GR-12L or e.g. GR-12S have no analog sum signal and can not be used.

Addional Information: If you have already connected the 3.5 mm plug of an USB interface with your HoTT transmitter mx- or mc-, so please take in touch with the Graupner support. This recommendation does not apply to the former Graupner / JR transmitters or iFS facilities in which our simulator interface cable works fine.

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