RC7 FPV und Multicopter

Faszination First-Person-View (FPV)

The aeroflyRC7 offers with its 4D landscapes perfect condition to practice FPV flying with multicopters. Fly trough cities and roads or even warehouses, tunnels and explore the cave in Norission Island! The fun by flying multi copters in aeroflyRC7 have no boundaries. You can control your multi copter in a stabilizing mode or in a free flight mode. You either can selcet the point of view: Fly like a R/C modeller, use the follow mode or select the stabilized FPV camera. ASee the following user videos to understand how much fun it is! For legal reasons we have to point out that we do not have any influence on the contents or any links or advertisings at the youtube videos below. If you have also created a great FPV video and we may link here then please send your video link to info@ikarus.net


AeroFly RC 7 quadcopter FPV Flight. Fun/Practice

by User Andrei Kirshner


Quadcopter Simulator FPV – Aerofly RC 7

by User XJkill


Aerofly RC 7 Quadcopter FPV Practice

by User XJkill


Aerofly RC 7 – FPV Practice #2

by User Chris Riccio


AeroFly RC 7 Ultimate

by User Damir Spanic