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FAQs and their solutions:

Question: How to rebuild an aerofly under Windows?

Question: How to rebuild an aerofly under Windows? Answer: If you want to reinstall an aerofly on the same Windows-PC than please do not use assistent programs or a RegCleaner for deinstalltion. Please also do not use the Windows-Deinstaller under “System-Preferences / Software”.  

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Question: Is anything to consider if I want to fly aerofly on a notebook?

Answer:  Aeroflys operation is possible on a notebook in principle. But please note, that  notebooks can be equipped very different. Here are the basic things to consider: Aerofly requires a graphics card by Intels HD serie, AMD (ATI) HD series or the new R-series by AMD (ATI) or Nvidias Geforce series. Please also check the(…)

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Question) Do I have to update a grafic driver at a Mac computer?

  Answer: No. Updates like these will be done automatically by Apple. It´s recommended  to keep the system up-to-date.

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What kind of graphics card is recommended for aeroflyRC?


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Question) aerofly doesn´t run in a battery powered supplied notebook?

  Answer: Currently many laptops have two graphics cards. A simple, power-efficient Intel onboard chip and a second high performance graphics card by AMD (ATI) or Nvidia. Please ensure that aerofly uses the high-performance graphics card and not the power saving card.. Please also note the following video tutorials: Configure Switchable graphics card from ATI(…)

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Question) Does aerofly runs on a notebook with HD-4000 graphics card?

  Answer: Only the newer aeroflyFS  and the aeroflyRC7  can use Intel graphics processors. You need an Intel HD4000 or higher. In all cases  please install  the latest graphics card drivers  directly from the Intel website. In case of notebooks its not always possible to update a video driver. Check this beforehand.  

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