The new aeroflyRC10 is here! 

The successor to the RC9 has been completely revised, expanded to include new model types and a large number of models and equipped with great new features. New menu navigation makes it easier to make all settings, calibrate the control unit and quickly adjust the flight conditions.

The aeroflyRC10 comes with 300+ models, 60+ sceneries and many new highlights

  • NEW: Night flight in illuminated scenes
  • NEW: Actively illuminated fixed-wing models and helicopters
  • NEW: Models with skis for ski flying
  • NEW: Winter scene for ski flying
  • NEW: Over 30 new models compared to the RC9
  • NEW: 4D scene indoor swimming pool and basketball arena
  • NEW: Vintage FES gliders
  • NEW: Simple menu navigation
  • NEW: Quick menu for all important settings
  • NEW: For all current IKARUS-RC flight controllers and interfaces

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RC9 users can purchase the RC10 from the IKARUS store as a discounted download upgrade!

NEW: Price reduction for aeroflyRC9 

The RC9 has been reduced in price from now:

  • With a total of 271 models
  • With 59 sceneries
  • With 4D acromodels
  • VR technology (Virtual Reality)
  • FPV-City, FPV-Parcours, Racetrack
  • Autogyros, motorized kites, Flettner-Rotowing
  • Helis, scale, jets, gliders, aerobatics – all types of model flying!
  • Airfield radar, 4D scenes and much more.

See the aeroflyRC9 in the shop

aeroflyRC9 for Apple Mac:

The aeroflyRC9 is available for AppleMac computers as an app directly from the Apple AppStore. All aerofly accessories from the IKARUS shop can also be used on your Mac. 

With 273 models, 59 sceneries, fantastic features and 10 menu languages:
DE – EN – FR – SP – IT – NL – DK – CZ – PL -RU


See the RC9 in the AppleAppStore


The aeroflyRC8 STANDARD

  • 25 Models / 4 Sceneries / 4D landscape
  • 10 menu languages!
  • All models are instantly scalable!
  • Fyling 2D on a PC monitor
  • Flying real 3D with  VR Headset (Virtual Reality)
  • FPV-Parcour for multi copter
  • Helis, jets, multi copter, aerobatic, glider, scale models
  • As a complete  set with the  IKARUS RC FlightController

#3031050 with flight controller for only 99,- €

See the RC8 STANDARD in the IKARUS shop

New at the Shop: HoTT Interfacesets

From now on you can get the ready programmed HoTT receivers and HoTT-USB interface sets  for the aeroflyRC in the IKARUS shop!

NEW: From now on we offer sets with the Gr-12 and Gr-16! All receivers are also useable for RC models!

See all HoTT accessories here

NEW: RC9 user sceneries for Win and Mac

Expand the RC8 scenes with these new user scenes. Fly at airflields or different slopes with fantastic panorama views. Made by

See all downloads here

NEW: RC9 user models for Win and Mac

The model editor in the aeroflyRc8 offers an incredibly wide range of possible modifications. Some users have already created complete models and make them available here!

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