Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Cinema at its best!

The aeroflyRC10 can Virtual Reality from now! Fly under your VR headset and enjoy a completely new feeling in the 4D sceneries. Bend over the model, turn and look around. A perfect orientation for take-off and landings. Best of all: you do not need an extra aerofly software.

Each aeroflyRC10 for windows includes the VR mode from now. You can choose between the normal mode (using a PC monitor) or you can fly with a headset in the VR mode.

  • VR mode in every RC8/RC8 installation included (Only for Windows)
  • No higher PC requirements flying in the normal mode (with a PC monitor)
  • VR mode usable on any VR capable computer
  • Optimized for Oculus Rift and HTC-Vive
  • Control the models via the IKARUS USB FlightController
  • Ideal for control with your own RC transmitter using a wireless IKARUS interface
  • RC pilot perspective for the typical requirements of flying RC models
  • Follow mode for pure action and fun
  • VR-Auto zoom to see the attitude at any time

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