Support RC9

If you have a technical question about the aeroflyRC9? you will find the most common solutions on this page. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, you can contact support by e-mail.

  • FAQ: What do I have to consider with RC8/RC9 and a notebook?

    FAQ: What do I need to consider with the RC8/RC9 and a notebook

    In principle, it is possible to operate the aerofly on a notebook. However, please note that “not all notebooks are the same”.

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  • Nature sounds as background music

    Nature sounds as background music

    The idea is as ingenious as it is simple – and yet a lot of work! The aeroflyRC users J. and B. Vetter have put their great idea into practice and provide four aerofly sound files as background sounds for the aeroflyRC.

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  • All models RC8 and RC9

    All RC8 and RC9 models

    An overview of all RC8 and RC9 models. These models are also all included in the RC10.

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  • User sceneries RC8/RC9

    User sceneries RC8/RC9

    The sceneries on this page were all created by aeroflyRC users. Together with the downloads of the user sceneries you will also find installation instructions here

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  • Workshop user model RC8 / RC9

    Workshop user models RC8/RC9

    To create user models, you need advanced PC skills, as well as a lot of fun and confidence in working with programs, file types and data. This page presents all tutorials and explains the relationship between the individual steps.

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  • RC8 / RC9 User models

    RC8 / RC9 User models

    All models on this page have been created by aeroflyRC users. The download of these models is free of charge. Detailed installation instructions can be found at the bottom of this page!

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  • Online Manual aeroflyRC9

    aeroflyRC9 online manual

    If you have any questions about installation, operating the simulator or setting up the control unit, you will find all the answers in this online manual. You can also switch the manual to 35 languages.

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  • Updates aeroflyRC9

    Updates aeroflyRC9

    The latest update for the download or DVD version of RC9 is available here The updates on this page are exclusively for the Windows versions, users of the Mac versions receive an update directly via the AppleAppStore.

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  • Offline activation RC8/RC9

    Offline activation RC8/RC9

    If possible, please always activate your RC8/RC9 directly from the program. The browser activation shown on this page is only necessary if your aerofly PC does not have Internet access or should not go online under any circumstances.

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  • System requirements RC8 / RC9

    System requirements RC9

    Due to the detailed 3D-graphics and the time consuming physics simulation it is highly recommended that your PC or Mac system meets the following minimum computer specifications to achieve a smooth simulation speed

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  • Update aeroflyRC9

    Update aeroflyRC9

    If you receive a notification in the aeroflyRC9 that an update is available, you will find the current and free update here and all information about the changes.

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  • Download Installer


    Follow this page to find information about installing aerofly flight simulators with the IKARUS Download Installer.

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