Offline activation RC8/RC9

Please note that you should activate your ready installed aeroflyRC9 / RC8 directly from the program.
The option of an offline activation via a brower session is only needed if your aeroflyRC8 computer don´t have an internet access.
If you get an activation errorcode like “2005” or “2004” this dialog is no solution. In those cases please check the errorcode solutions here (LINK)Step 1: Locate your Product-Key

Your product key is printed in the white box at the bottom of your product DVD.
Your product key has a total of 20 characters and is divided into 5 blocks of 4 characters each.

The dash sign ‘-’ is not part of your product key. Valid characters are the letters A to Z and the digits 0 to 9.

Step 2: Launch the aeroflyRC and click on “Activate”

  • Enter your product-key.
  • If the key is already checked click on the button “Activate now”

Step 3: Start Offline activation

  • After clicking on “Activate now” this window will be visible
  • Click on “Offline activation” at next.

Step 4: Generate Activation file

  • After clicking on “Offline activation” this window will be visible
  • At next click on “Generate activation request file”
  • The textfile will be saved in C://users/myusername/documents/aeroflyRC/license
  • Transfer this file with a USB stick to a PC with internet connection

Step 5: Open the browser dialog

  • Open the activation dialog site with your internet PC:
  • Open the Activation request file on the USB-Stick with an editor and copy the content into the textfield
  • Agree to the data protection agreement
  • Transfer the downloaded license file back to the aeroflyRC PC and save the file into the license folder:
  • Launch the aeroflyRC again

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