Offline activation aeroflyRC7

Offline activationNote: These site shows the browser activation for an  aeroflyRc7.  If you want to activate a former flight simulator offline please also use the web activation dialog linked on this page.Step 1: Locate your aeroflyRC7 Product-KeyDVD-Label_aeroflyRC7_frei

Your Product-Key is printed in the white box at the bottom of your product DVD.
Have a look at the pictures to the right to see where the Product-Key is located.

Your Product-Key has a total of 20 characters and is divided into 5 blocks of 4 characters each. The dash sign ‘-’ is not part of your Product-Key. Valid characters are the letters A to Z and the digits 0 to 9.

Ssupport_activationtep 2: Write down your aeroflyRC7  serial number

Your aeroflyRC7 serial number is shown in the Help -> About aerofly… window

It is 8 characters long and can contain the letters A to F and the digits 0 to 9. The picture on the right shows you where your Serial Number is located.

Step 3: Open the Web Activation Dialog

Click the following link to open the web activation dialog:

Open Web Activation Dialog

A new browser window will open.

Step 4: Request license file

Enter the aerofly RC 7 Product-Key and the 24 character Serial-Number into the web activation dialog. Click on “license file download”.
The required license file is automatically generated and downloaded by your browser.
To transfer the file to a computer without internet connection, save it immediately after downloading for example on a USB stick.

Important note: Under no circumstances change the name of the license file or the file extension *.LIC, because otherwise the program will no longer be able to detect the license file.

Step 5: Transfer License File to your aeroflyRC7 computer

Using the Windows Explorer on your PC open the aerofly RC 7 user folder and copy the license file from the USB stick into this folder. This will complete the activation process.
You will find the aerofly RC 7 user folder of the currently logged-in user in the following

Copy the downloaded license file to a floppy disc or USB stick and transfer it to your aeroflyRC7 computer. The license file needs to be copied to your aeroflyRC7 user directory under …/documents/aeroflyRC7

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