Controller check aeroflyRC7 to RC9

 flightcontrollerTroubleshooting checklist for an IKARUS RC FlightController #3036012:
Follow the steps on this page to find a possible error when using an IKARUS RC FlightController.

Step 1:

Please start the aeroflyRC without any USB devices at first. If the software installation was correctly made then the software starts at least with one model in one landscape. Open at the main menu “Controller” and set up a “Mouse” as control unit for an USB test. If you can control the elevator and the ailerons by moving the mouse the program runs correctly and recognizes USB devices  (In this mode throttle can be controlled by the keys “W” and “S”).

rc7-controller-04Step 2:

If the program runs correctly, then please plug in the USB RC FlightController without any other cables into a free USB port. Please also don´t use any USB hubs. Also no active hubs with an own power supply. Note: Please check that the right switch is “OFF” Wait a minute and proceed with step 3.


Step 3:

Open to the main menu at aeroflyRC and click under “Controller” on “Scan for new Controllers”. Like the window shown on the right you must see an entry like: “PPM” a channel number and device type “Joystick”. If this message appears then the RC FlightController is correctly recognized . Please mark the line “PPM” and proceed by clicking on “configure”

rc7-controllertest-04Step 4:

Mit first please select the radio symbol and submit. At the first step of the calibration try to move the function bars Z-Axis, Z-Rotation, X-Axis and Y-Axis with both joysticks. If you see two bars moving by one of the main functions please double check that the controlles rights switch is “OFF”.  You should also be able to move all bars up to the end. At controllers mid positions the bars should be close to the mid. Please also move the right switch (X-Rotation) and turn the right rotary generator (Y-Rotation). If you can move all 6 functions bars at this first step of the calibration the controller by this way the FlightController is ready for the next few steps of the calibration. Please follow the instructions. See here, how to change the throttle from the left to the right

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