Nature sounds as background music

The idea is as ingenious as it is simple – and quite a lot of work! The aeroflyRC users J. and B. Vetter turn their great idea into action and provide four aerofly-soundfiles as background sounds for your aeroflyRC below.

The illusion of flying at the simulator becomes even more perfect when the twittering of birds can be heard in the background; irregularly interrupted by church bells, rumbling thunder or a passing sports plane.

A great idea, perfectly realized and from now on available for all aeroflyRC users for free!

Installation of the background sounds (only for Windows)
  • Download and safe the ZIP “Naturalsounds”
  • Move the ZIP to the folder  C:/users/myusername/documents/aeroflyRC/music
  • Unzip the file with the command “unzip here”. (Do not unzip into a subfolder!)
  • After the next launch you can select the sounds as music under “Simulation” / “Sound settings” and play e.g. all 4 sounds as a loop.
Downloadfile #1:  Naturalsounds_01 (Background sound model airfield)

Downloadfile #2: Naturalsounds_02 (General Slope, Tannenalm-Multipano, Berwang)

Downloadfile #3: Naturalsounds_03 (Tannenalm, Gerlitzen and other Scenen)

Downloadfile #4: Naturalsounds_04 (Original sound user scene “Hegau-Bänkle”)

Downloadfile #5: Naturalsounds_05 (Background sound for water flight scenes)

Downloadfile #6: Naturalsounds_06 (Background sound airfield sports airplane and helicopter)

Downloadfile #7: Naturalsounds_07 (Background sound in winter with sports airplane)

© B. und J. Vetter under creative common licence  CC BY-ND-NC 4.0

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