All models RC8 and RC9

The aeroflyRC9 models: Fascinating variety!

In aeroflyRC9 you have the choice of more than 270 fantastic models! All models can be scaled individually. This increases the selection many times. Create your own model via size and weight and fly YOUR model completely realistically.

At aeroflyRC9 you`ll fly 50 helicopters, 56 gliders, 30 jets, 40 aerobatic, 18 multi copters, 12 float planes 5 TrueScale-Aircraft 3 Gyrocopters as well as hang gliders and a Flettner-RotoWing model.

Each model in itself is extremely detailed and shines with a brilliant look. Enjoy model flying on the simulator in a new dimension!

Im aeroflyRC8 haben Sie die Auswahl unter 246 fantastischen Modellen! Alle Modelle können in der Größe stufenlos verändert werden. Dadurch vergrößert sich die Auswahl um ein Vielfaches. Erzeugen Sie Ihr Wunschmodell über Größe und Gewicht und fliegen Sie IHR Modell vollkommen realistisch.

Alle Modelle im aeroflyRC8

Addiction Cap 10 Cap 232 Edge 540T
Extra260 Extra330 Katana Misswind
Obession Pitts Pitts Python Sbach
Spark Su29 Ultimate Velox
Visa Yak54 Yak55 Yak 55 sp
Adrenaline Taxi Amethyst Curare-V
AC 10 Auto G2 Autogyro 500 X4
B-Car CC-950 DJI-Phantom Ehang 148
GD-8 H2O Hovercar Inspector
Mavic Pro Mt2208 Phantom 4K Q100
Typhon4K Ufo Vendetta Xiro Explorer
Avila Beaver (True Scale) Catalina DHC-6
Do-X Seabee Seawind Dogfighter
Trojan Tucan Dynamic 160 Albatros
Alpina4001 Apina5001 Arcus ASG 29
ASK 13 B4 Balmung Mini Bird of time
Birdy DS Blade XL Caliber Camflyer
Cularis DFS Reiher DG 1000 8M DG 1000
DG 808 Discus 2 ct Falke Foka
Freedom Funray GD-6 Helios
Intension Juniors Kinetic 100 Merlin
Minimach Nimbus 4M Nimbus4 Nuri 163
Prolution 4004 Pulsar Puri Raketenwurm
Satori SB 13 SHK Storm
Surprise Swift Taser DG 1000
Xeno Raptor 50 Trex 450 AS-350
AS-365 Bk 117 Blade 300 Blade 300X
Blade 400 Blade 450 Blade 700-VB B0 105
Caliber 5K CH 113 CH 46 Eagle Freya
EC 135 Eco7 Lama Eco7 Ranger Goblin Speed
Goblin 500 Goblin 700 Goblin 770 Logo 400
Logo 500 Logo 500S Logo 600 MD-500
MD-900 Minititan PAH-1 SA-315 Lama
SDX-50 Seaknight Shark Skycrane
Soxxos 600 Soxxos 700 Soxxos 800 Staysee
TDS Threedee Threedee Ridgid Tiger
Trex 600E Trex 700E Trex 700E Turbulence 3D
Vibe 50 Vision 90 A320 A380
B747 Bae Hawk Be200 Bobcat
Df 45 F16 F5 Tiger F86
F9F Fouga Magister Funjet Futura
Futura 190 Galaxy MB-339 MD-11
Me-263 Mig 29 Mirage 2000 Sprint
SR-71 Starfighter Ultrabandit Piper J3Cub
B 17 Baron 58 Beaver Bleriot
Bo Junior Constellation Cosmic Wind Da-42
DC-3 Decathlon D.H. 89 Foller Dr.1
DR 400 F4U Corsair F7F Fieseler Storch
Fw 190 Gee Bee Z Hall Bulldog Ju 52
Me 109 P-38 P-40 PC 21
PC-6 Turbo Porter Rear Bear Rf4 Spacewalker
Spitfire Sr 22 Swisstrainer Tiger Moth
Transall Camel (TrueScale) DR 400 (TrueScale) Mustang (TrueScale)
Wilga Wrigh Flyer Hawkeye Christen Eagle
Dr.1 Micro Edge 540 Elenor Extrema
Slofun UMX Beast Crack Fokker Calmato
Calmato Sport Calmato Caravelle DR 400
Evonext Funracer Hornet Maja
Nemesis Piper J3Cub Pt-40 Superair

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