All former IKARUS GameCommander at a glance

All simulators are supplied either with an original IKARUS USB Interface cable or an original IKARUS USB GameCommander. Below you will find all types of IKARUS GameCommander and 2-player Commander.

The three versions of the USB GameCommanders are illustrated below.  


IKARUS GameCommander Version 1:Was supplied with the aerofly Professional Deluxe


IKARUS GameCommander Version 2:Was supplied with aerofly Professional Deluxe PLATINUM-Version

#3: IKARUS GameCommander Version 3:Was supplied with aerofly5

  The three controllers are different in appearance, but the functions are identically and can operate both the aerofly Professional Deluxe and the aerofly5.



The USB 2-player Commander (Dummy Commander) is still available. However, you can use this commander only in conjunction with a USB GameCommander, a grey USB Interface cable or a black USB Interface stick. The USB Dummy Commander can be identified by the shown combat aircraft . The three possible USB GameCommanders can always be identified by the shown airliner.



The EasyFly3 (full version) easyCommander: This easyCommander differs to the easyCommanders which are purchased with the easyFly3 Starter Edition and the OEM versions. This easyCommander includes a 8 digit serial number, so it is possible to install the software on several computers. You will find more informations about the product activation in the FAQs.



The easyFly3 Starter Edition easyCommander:  

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