An aeroflyRC loses all settings at the next program launch

If you are asked to repeat the activation every time you start the aeroflyRC, then the aeroflyRC can no longer find (read) the user directory created during the initial installation. A typical issue is also that the last calibration of the controller is not taken over launching the aerofly again.

Without individual changes to Windows or additionally installed virus scanners, an aeroflyRC can be installed and activated without additional settings. Such a blockade of the user directory is always PC-specific.

The most common causes are

  • If you have activated the cloud storage OneDrive under Windows, please take care that the service is sync before launching the aeroflyRC.
  • Some anti-virus programmes actively prevent automatic saving and writing in the user folder “C:// …documents”. Please also check such settings.  In some virus scanners, such as “BitDefender” you must remove the aerofly directory under “Functions” and “Display protected folders” and additionally allow the aerofly program folder in the path C://programs under “Application access”. Only then will Bitdefender allow full access to aerofly.
  • If you have activated folder monitoring in Win10 WinDefender, then please check whether you have already released the aerofly user folder in WinDefender, this does not happen automatically. In this case this folder would have to be released: C://users/myusername/documents/aerofly.
    On the Microsoft support pages you will find detailed instructions on how to manage folder monitoring in WinDefender after it has been activated.
  • User names or rights have been changed by a Windows update/upgrade. The easiest solution in this case is to completely delete aeroflyRC according to the instructions linked below and reinstall it with admin rights: Instructions for deleting and reinstalling.

If none of these points is the cause, please send the tm.log from the user directory together with the ProductKey to the IKARUS support.

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