What kind of graphics card do I need for the aeroflyRC?


For aerofly RC, you need a 3D graphics card with at least 2 GB of memory for normal mode (on the PC monitor). If you also want to use the VR mode for VR headsets, you should use a graphics card with at least 4 GB of memory. In desktop PCs, a 3D graphics card is usually not a major cost factor, but it must be available.
For the aeroflyRC10, the graphics card driver already supports the Vulcan driver mode, which has been standard for graphics card drivers since 2018. For PCs with graphics cards before 2018, please check whether the latest graphics card driver for your PC already supports Vulcan mode. From mid-range cards upwards, this may be the case back to well before 2015.
In notebooks, 3D graphics cards are more likely to be found in the price range from 700 euros and can hardly ever be retrofitted. Current Windows notebooks with onboard GPUs such as the UHD6xx series are capable of smoothly displaying games such as aeroflyRC in photo scenes. In 4D scenes, however, onboard GPUs clearly reach their limits, especially with a full setup with clouds and in chase mode, for example. A 3D graphics card is still required for good performance in 4D scenes.

Note on assigning the 3D graphics card in notebooks Depending on the operating system and graphics card, it may be necessary to assign the use of the high-performance graphics card to the aerofly via the 3D settings of the graphics card center. Some notebooks also automatically switch back to the onboard graphics via the power settings, so the power supply should always be connected. AppleMAC With the introduction of the new M1 and M2 processors, Apple Mac computers also have a graphics card driver generation. This separates the usable Mac hardware into “before 2018” and after. RC10 runs very well on current Macs with M1 and M2. On older Macs with mid-class graphics cards before approx. 2018 on which current macOS is installed, display errors may occur with RC8 or RC9.

Graphics cards that our customers use

This list shows graphics cards that our customers use successfully. This list is also intended to help with the purchase of a new PC or graphics card. However, this list does not claim to be exhaustive. No guarantee can be given for operation under different operating systems (and the drivers required for them). Before making a purchase, please always check whether the latest graphics card drivers for your operating system are available on the graphics card manufacturer’s website. The list is a reflection of the graphics cards used by aerofly users:

For aeroflyRC10

All NVIDIA graphics cards from GTX10xx upwards
From the GTX10xx with 6GB RAM, VR mode can also be operated very smoothly!

For aeroflyRC8 /RC9

All NVIDIA graphics cards from GTX 9 upwards AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards from R7 upwards From an Rx580 upwards, even VR mode can be operated very smoothly!

Newer notebooks or all-in-one PCs with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 can achieve up to 100 frames per second (FPS) in photo landscapes. An amazing value here.

In 4D scenes, approx. 30 FPS (frames per second) are displayed. This is the minimum required. Onboard GPUs such as the UHD620 only use VRAM and are therefore limited in terms of performance.

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