Additional features of the multicopter

You can control a drone or multicopter in the aeroflyRC with various additional functions.

Here are the most important features:

  • Stabi mode: Already preset, you can only oversteer the drone up to a certain position in this mode.
  • Acro mode: If you press button “9”, you switch to Acro mode. The attitude limitation has been lifted, you can now also fly overturns with a drone.
  • Using “View” and “Show model functions” you can see and change the assignment of the buttons.
  • Coming Home: If you assign a button to the model function “Aux-1” under “Show model functions”, you can access the coming home function. After pressing the button, the flight attitude is stabilized and the multicopter is flown back to the starting point. Pressing it again cancels the function.

Additional features in 4D landscapes:

  • In 4D landscapes you can use functions such as FPV or follow mode in addition to the model airplane perspective.
  • Camera view “1”: The typical model pilot perspective
  • Camera view “2”: Followmode
  • Camera view “3”: Walk around with arrow keys left/right and PageUp/PageDown
  • Camera view “4”: Press repeatedly to access the different FPV perspectives

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