How can I display the aerofly on a TV set?

The aerofly RC always runs on a PC, whether desktop or notebook, which must match the requirements.

If you then want to use a TV screen  instead of the PC monitor, you can set up the TV as a 2nd monitor via the Windows Control Panel.

You can test this before by setting up the TV set as a second PC monitor. If you can see the PC desktop on the TV and run programs, then the aeroflyRC will also be visible on the TV.

TV sets usually have an HDMI input. Current graphics cards are supplied with a DVI or already with an HDMI interface. In both cases the corresponding connection cables HDMI -> HDMI or  DVI -> HDMI are required, which are available in good accessory shops. The simulators aeroflyRC and aeroflyFS are already able to support resolutions far beyond the standard specified as FULL HD (1920 X 1080).

Using an actual HDMI cable, the sound is transmitted over the same cable. No additional cable is required. If the graphics card has a DVI connector and the DVI -> HDMI cable is used, then the sound must be transferred via a separate connection cable to the display or a corresponding sound system.

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