Solo towing with the Auto-Towing Mod

On this page we present the free add-on “Auto-Towing Mod” for the aeroflyRC.

You can only find the add-on on the website

1. Installation

First download the ZIP file and move the ZIP to the user folder of the aeroflyRC8 to RC10. To do this, be sure to store the ZIP file correctly in C://user/*myusername*/Documents/aeroflyRC/aircraft_mod.

Now with a right click Highlight the ZIP file and select the “extract here” option. The two folders “Wilga” and “Beaver” must be saved in the “aircraft_mod” folder.
The ZIP utility is already available on most WIN PCs. The result of the finished installation should now look like the image on the right.

The only thing you should now check again in the aeroflyRC is the rope length, which should be at the default value of “20 m”. By the way, the setting is made in the “simulation settings” directly in the aeroflyRC.

The aeroflyRC add-on contains two autonomously flying towing machines. The towing cult model Wilga and a Beaver. Almost all sailors can be towed solo.

2. Towing process sequence

Initially load a scene such as Aspach. In this scene, the team takes off from the grass and you, as the pilot, stand perfectly behind the tow train! As a sailor, for example, load the DG808c with a 5 m wingspan and check whether the USB control device or the RC transmitter controls the sailor correctly.

Now you need to go over this Main menu and “Models” which Wilga load as “Second Model”. First, just mark the Wilga, because the next click must be under the preview image on the special towing function as “Configuration”/“Autopilot”.

The team then stands on the pitch. Switch off the potentially disruptive image splitting in the aeroflyRC via “View” and selecting the “Image splitting” to “none”.

By the way, the “camera” of the simulator always follows the model that was loaded first. Of course you can also load the tractor first. But you shouldn’t be surprised if the camera continues to follow the Wilga after the release…

If the models are on the hard track and not on the grass track or are arranged incorrectly, then you have to change the starting position by pressing the TAB key or the “V” key several times. The models line up again with each act until the desired arrangement of the models on the square is achieved.

The actual towing process is now started with the Tab key. After a few seconds, the Wilga slowly rolls forward and tensions the rope, then pulls briefly a few times. After the third or fourth “jolt” the Wilga gives full throttle and starts.

Choosing a grass runway is perfect for the first attempts with the add-on. In order to end the towing process, you should first assign the “hook” function to a switch on the transmitter in the aeroflyRC. .
Meanwhile, the Wilga makes its rounds autonomously until the team is put back into the start position with “TAB”.

Have fun with this great add-on!

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