FAQ: How to connect a second player commander

If you want to fly with two players on one computer in aeroflyRC, you will need two free USB ports and two USB input devices (commanders or interfaces). When assembling the controls and connecting them to the computer, please note the following:


  • ┬áPlease do not use two identical USB devices, as the aerofly will then only recognize one when reading the connected devices.
  • Always use different input devices for the first and second players.
    Possible combinations are:
    – The RC FlightController #3036012 and the brown IKARUS USB interface
    – The RC FlightController #3036012 and the RC SimConnector #3031100
    – The RC SimConnector #3031100 and the brown IKARUS USB interface
    – The brown IKARUS USB interface and one of the old interfaces in yellow or black
  • Combinations of two identical components do not work, even if, for example, a Spektrum is connected to a brown interface via cable and a Jeti is connected to a second brown interface via receiver.
  • If you use a USB hub ┬áto connect the two USB input devices to the computer, please use an active USB hub (with its own power supply) to be on the safe side.

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