FAQ: What do I have to consider with RC8/RC9 and a notebook?

Aerofly operation is possible on a notebook in principle. But please note, that  notebooks can be equipped very different.

Here are the basic things to consider:

Aerofly requires a graphics card by Intels HD serie, AMD (ATI) HD series or the new R-series by AMD (ATI) or Nvidias Geforce series. Please also check the other requirements to a computer here:

Requirements aeroflyRC

Important:  Intel is not a hardware-accelerated graphics card like AMD or Nvidia. If you want to buy a new notebook then we recommend a AMD (ATI) or Nvidia. If you prefer a Intel card then it must be at least a HD 4000 at a Windows PC or at least a HD 3000 at a AppleMac computer.

Important: To be up-to-date you always need the newest graphics card drivers. I f possible directly from the website of the graphics card manufacturer. Without an actual driver it is usually not possible to use aerofly or other games.  AppleMac computer are not affected because Apple keeps your system up-to-date automatically.

For notebooks graphics card driver updates are not always possible;  most of the notebook manufacturers still partially prevent the use of the original driver for the graphics card and allow only their own certified OEM drivers. In most cases those drivers are as old as the notebook itself and will not be updated from the manufactures any more. Unfortunately, it follows that on older laptops, the graphics-card-driver will  be outdated and then current version of these simulators do not, or no run, any longer.

Before buying a new notebook please take care about these things:

  • Ask your dealer if the graphics card driver can be updated. In case of doubts please contact the notebook manufacturer.
  • If you do not get a clear answer you maybe will get troubles in future.

At Gamer notebook (like Alienware or Lenovo) the video drivers are very similar to desktop PCs.
Usually it is possible to update the driver.  But please also contacte your dealer or the notebook manufacturer before purchasing.

Currently many laptops have two graphics cards. A simple, power-efficient Intel onboard chip and a second high performance graphics card by AMD (ATI) or Nvidia.
Using such a notebook  you must ensure that aerofly uses the high performance graphics card and not the power-efficient Intel onboard chip.

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