The aeroflyRC10 Download Installer

The aeroflyRC10 Download-Installer

On this page you will find detailed instructions for installing the aeroflyRC10 with the IKARUS download installer.
Please also read the notes on Win Defender on this page before downloading

Step 1: Download-Installers and Productkeys delivery

After payment receipt you will get a confirmation mail with a link to the download installer and a seperate mail with the product key for activation

Step 2: Saving the Download Installers temporarily

As our flight simulation programs require several GB of data, the download of our programs is managed by our download installer. It is a small, executable program with a size of approx. 500 kB and has the name “aeroflyrc10_download_installer.exe”. You will not receive this utility program as an attachment with the confirmation e-mail, but always as a link.

IMPORTANT note Windows Defender: If you have activated Windows Defender from Win10 onwards, the file may already be quarantined during the download. There are 2 solutions for this: 1) Before downloading the RC10 installer under “Windows Security” -> “Virus & Threat Protection” -> “Manage Settings”, temporarily deactivate real-time protection for the download of the RC10 installer.

Please note that the PC will be unprotected for the duration of the deactivation.

2) After you have downloaded the RC10 download installer, add the file name of the installer as an exception in WinDefender. To do this, go to “Windows Security” -> “Virus & Threat Protection” -> “Manage Settings”, open “Add Exclusions” and select the RC10 installer in the Downloads folder.

If you are reading these instructions after the RC10 installer has already been quarantined, you can find further solutions here.

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Step 3: Start the download installer

Open the “Downloads” folder on your computer, as the IKARUS download installer is also stored there temporarily. Double-click the EXE file to start it. The download installer will automatically transfer all the required program data to your computer and store it temporarily. If your virus scanner or Windows Defender prevents the file from running, check its name and then click on Run anyway.

The RC10 installer from the IKARUS store is called aeroflyrc10_installer_en.exe or aeroflyrc10_download_installer.exe
Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection, the download of individual files can take several hours. However, the download installer continues to work in the background. You can therefore continue working with other programs on your computer. However, the computer must remain switched on and connected to the Internet.

You can use the “Pause” button to pause the download at any time if you wish. To continue, press the play button at the same point later. After a while, the progress bar will be updated. If your virus scanner reports the installer, this is usually because the installer contains an executable file (setup.exe). The setup.exe is always the last file to be downloaded. If the download installer aborts or pauses during the transition to the last file, please also check the settings of any virus scanner in this case.

Step 4: Installing the program

As the last file, the download installer always downloads the Setup.exe of the flight simulator and starts the installation file automatically. In the first step of the installation you will be asked for the program language. You can select the language here and continue or cancel the installation if you want to run it at a later time. You can restart the installation at any time by double-clicking on the “Setup.exe”. In both cases, follow the further installation instructions. It is strongly recommended that you use the installation path suggested by the installer. Only experienced users should make changes here, provided that they know exactly what they are doing. At the end of the installation you will have an icon on the desktop of your computer and can start the program from there.

Help for users of the Chrome/Edge browsers

Downloads are often initially blocked in Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. A typical message is that the file cannot be downloaded safely.

Procedure for the “Edge” browser: If a download is blocked, click on the three dots next to the entry in the download list and then select “Keep”. You will be warned again in the next info window. Click on “Show more” and then click on “Keep anyway”, then the download is approved. After this release, it may well be that you have the aerofly installation data on your PC immediately, as some browsers have already downloaded the file in the background and are only blocking access to it. The release must be granted for all *.bin files and finally also for the setup.exe.

Procedure for the “Chrome” browser: First right-click on the link to the installer in the email and then select “Save link as…”. Then select the storage location (e.g. the Downloads folder). If a message appears at the bottom left of the Chrome browser stating that the installer “cannot be downloaded safely”, click on the small arrow next to the message and select “Keep”. The installer should then be saved in the download folder. There you can then right-click to run the installer “as administrator”, i.e. start it.

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