FAQ: My aerofly installer has been moved to quarantine

If you have activated Windefender with immediate protection and monitoring of all folders in Win10/11, it is possible that the aeroflyRC installer has been quarantined with the adjacent error message. There are then the following solutions

Solution 1: Remove the aeroflyRC installer from the WinDefender quarantine again

  • Open “Windows Security”.
  • Select “Antivirus & Threat Protection” -> “Current Threats” and then “Protection History”.
  • If you have a list of items, you can filter by items in quarantine.
    Select the aerofly installer and the “Restore” action
  • !!! This option is no longer available in the latest Win11 versions. Files that have been quarantined are only released again after 30 days. For professionals, there is a solution via the Windows command line, but we no longer want to present it here.

Solution 2: Repeat the download If the aerofly download installer can no longer be retrieved from quarantine, you can also subsequently deactivate folder monitoring in Windows Defender, for example, only for the Downloads folder individually and temporarily. If you then repeat the download of the aerofly download installer, you can save the installer again. You can also take the computer offline for the duration of the actual installation. After completing the installation and going online, do not forget to reset the settings in WinDefender to your previous settings!
Solution 3: An aerofly installer with a different file name If you have the problem that you can neither get the installer out of quarantine nor is solution 2 possible, please contact IKARUS support at support-at-ikarus.net. You will then receive an installer by e-mail with a different file name and instructions on how to avoid repeating the process.

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