FAQ: How to rebuild an aerofly under Windows?

If you want to reinstall an aeroflyRC on the same Windows-PC than please do not use any assistent programs or a RegCleaner for a deinstalltion. Please also do not use the Windows-Deinstaller under “System-Preferences / Software”.


Please proceed as follow:

Step 1: Use the Windows Explorer to delete your aeroflyRC10 program folder “aeroflyRC10” under c://programs/The former aeroflyRC7 program folder is placed under c://programs(x86)/
  Step 2: Use the Windows Explorer to delete the user folder “aeroflyRC10” at the user directory under c://users/*myusername*/documents/
  Step  3: Reboot your computer. If you still see any aeroflyRC10 Start-Icon at the desktop please delete these icons.  
Step 4: Now you can install the aeroflyRC once again. Use the DVD or Download-Installer. Please follow the recommended installation  on C:/ Please also note the Step-by-Step-Manual for a first-time-installation
Step 5: Before you start the activation please check an available updates If you drive an available update before activation you have to activate only once.
Step 6: The last step of the installation is the activation. If you want to check the PC before please do not acivate the aeroflyRC at the end of the installation. Please click instead on “activate later”. After that you can fly a single aircraft and you can see how it works. Later on you can activate via the main menu under “activation” anytime


Please note: If you see a failure message  starting aerofly first time  like “main executable is not running” than please check the graphics card driver at first.

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