FAQ: How can I reset an aeroflyRC to factory settings?

In some cases it may be necessary to reset the aerofly to the status after the first installation.  For example if you have set the graphic settings to “Ultra” and the program cannot be launched afterwards or you want to delete all old calibrations of an USB Device.

Factory reset under Windows:

  • Please press the “WIN key + E” and search for the user directory of the aeroflyRC at
    “C: Users ‘Username’ My DocumentsaeroflyRC
  • Rename the folder “aeroflyRC”, e.g. in” aeroflyRC-old”.
  • Now restart the aeroflyRC. You may be prompted to reactivate and have to recalibrate the control unit. 
  • By this first launch the aeroflyRC writes a new user directory with the factory settings.

Notes for older operating systems

Please note that Microsoft will no tlonger support all operating systems prior Win8 from January 2020. Therefore we cannot provide informations about older operating systems nor we will be able to support aerofly simulators for discontinued operating systems with patches or updates.

Here you will find all information about the topic


Factory reset under macOS:


To reset an aeroflyRC  to factory defaults under macOS, you only have to rename the aerofly’s user directory on your Mac. The user directory can be found in the library folder. The path is: user/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/aerofly RC/

How do I find the user folder of aerofly under macOS ? Proceed as follows:
1) Open the Finder.
2) Select “Go to” in the Finder main menu
3) Press the “Option” key on the keyboard. As long as you keep the key down the folder “Libary” will appear.
4) Click with the mouse on the “Libary” folder to open it.
5) Now follow the above mentioned path to the user folder and rename the folder “aeroflyRC8” e.g. to “aeroflyRC8-old”
6) Launching the aerofly again a new user folder will be created with the factory settings.

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