FAQ: All about virtual reality

The aeroflyRC10  can Virtual Reality! Fly under your VR headset and enjoy a completely new feeling in the 4D sceneries. Bend over the model, turn and look around. A perfect orientation for take-off and landings. Best of all: you do not need an extra aerofly software.

On this page we want to answer the most important questions:

Question: In which scenes can I fly in VR mode?

In all scenes. The 4D scenes in aeroflyRC8 are especially made for VR mode. In the photo scenes there can be an effect in the close-up range hovering a bit above the ground.  When flying in the 4D scenes there is no effect like this and you are perfectly IN the scene. In the 4D scenes, you can also position yourself on the slope, stand directly on the beach during seaplaning, or standing on the bridge at the aircraft carrier. VR couldn’t be more perfect!

Question: Is my PC VR compatible?

The main aspect for VR operation is the graphics card. We have had very good experiences with the GTX graphics cards starting with the GTX 1050. With the release of the RTX20 series, numerous Win10 PCs with a GTX-10xx are currently available. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The graphics card should have a full format display port. Adpaters for a mini display port on the graphics card do not allow perfect VR operation with a VR headset.
  • The graphics card should have at least 4GB RAM.  6GB RAM is better, but not absolutely necessary.
  • The processor itself is less critical for the VR mode than the processor RAM. 8GB is already sufficient.


Question: Which headset is recommended?

Our experience with the OCULUS RIFT-S has been very positive. The headset already has 1440 pixels per eye and is very easy to set up. Compared to the former model RIFT (without “S”), the newer  headset  do not require any additional infrared sensors and are ready for use immediately after switching on. Please note that the OCULUS Quest is not a VR headset for PCs, but a headset for connection to mobile devices.

Question: How can I control in VR mode?

You can control the models in the VR mode as you are used to fly in front of a PC monitor. Optionally with a USB controller like the RC FlightController #3036012 or with an IKARUS interface and your own RC radio. A wireless connection to an RC transmitter is perfectly suited for this purpose. The cable on the VR headset is approx. 3 m long and practically does not interfere.

Question: Do I need a monitor in VR mode?

Yes, but only for starting the PC and aeroflyRC8. After the aeroflyRC8 is launched in the VR mode, you fly only under the VR headset.

Question: Can I use FPV Headsets for the VR mode in aerofly?

The current state of headsets, offered by some drone manufacturers, are pure video headsets for displaying a video signal.  Although these headsets also feature head tracking, they cannot be used for the VR mode in PC games like these from OCULUS or HTC-Vive.

Question: Can I use a VR headset using my optical glasses?

Yes, the lenses of a VR headset are very close to the eye. Many people who wear optical glasses can therefore fly without. Smaller glasses can also be worn under the headset. In addition, there are now inserts with optical lenses. If you are looking for the term “optical lens inserts” for your VR headset, you will find the appropriate suppliers.

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