Checking an IKARUS interface:

Step 1:
Please start the aeroflyRC without an USB interface at first. If the software installation was correctly made then the software starts at least with one model in one landscape. Open at the main menu “Controller” and set up a “Mouse” as control unit for an USB test. If you can control the elevator and the ailerons by moving the mouse the program runs correctly and recognizes USB devices  (In this mode throttle can be controlled by the keys “W” and “S”).
Step 2:
If the program runs correctly, then please plug in the USB interface without any cables into a free USB port. Please do not use any USB hubs. Also no active hubs with an own power supply. Wait a minute and proceed with step 3.
Step 3:
Open to the main menu at aeroflyRC7 and click under “Controller” on “Scan for new Controllers“. In the window shown on the right you must see an entry like: “USB … Interface” and “0 channels”. If this message appears then the USB interface is correctly recognized as an USB input device and the interface has probably no failure.
Step 4:
 Connect your own radio via cable or plug in the reveiver for wireless flying.  Repeat the search for a new controller. If you get a channel number the transmitter or receiver has been recognized correctly meanwhile. You can now mark the line “USB Interface” and proceed by clicking on “Configure”. If you still see zero channels the troubleshooting depends on the hardware:

Typical errors when connecting a R/C radio via cable and USB-Interface
  • The connectors are not pushed all the way in.
  • You need the adapter #31040 for your radio with a 3.5 mm mono trainer plug (e.g. Spektrum)
  • You need the adapter #31041 for your radio with a 6-pin square trainer plug (e.g. Futaba)
  • Depends on your radio you maybe have to use the signal amplifier #3024040  More infos about.
  • You maybe connect the signal amplifier #3024040 but your radio dont need this!
  • The orange-colored core faces outwards instead of inward.
  • The radio is off. But note: Most Spektrum and Futaba must be off  before connecting the adapter

Typical errors when connecting a Graupner/SJ HoTT receiver via Interface #3031020
  • The used receiver or satellite is not bound to the transmitter.
  • The orange-colored core faces outwards instead of inward.
  • At the receiver the three-wire cable the is plugged in a normal channel output instead of the analog SumSignal output (depends on the receiver type!)
  • The receiver has no analogue sum signal (Sum-0) but a digital (Sum-D). Graupners GR-12 has only an analog signal. Graupners Gr-16 must be setup up to an Sum-0 by the transmitter. Important: A GR-12L or GR-12S only generate a digital sum signal (Sum-D)! You cant use them for this option.

Typical errors when connecting a R/C receiver via IKARUS-SimConnector #3031100
  • usb-interface_scThe used receiver or satellite is not bound to the transmitter.
  • The SimConnector operates in a different mode (Doublecheck the mode by downloading the manual)
  • Your receiver or satellite is not compatible to the SimConnector (learn more about it here)
  • To doublecheck the SimConnector please connect a bounded receiver in the “Single mode” like shown on the picture. If you start a new search for a new controller and if you now get a channel number then is your receiver or satellite not compatible with the SimConnector.
  • Click here for a special SimConnector decive test


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