RC7 Scenerie Workshop

aeroflyRC7 Szenerie Workshop

Dieses Tutorial begleitet Sie in 10 Schritten zur eigenen Szenerie. Folgen Sie beim ersten Mal genau den einzelnen Schritten, da alle benötigten Tools aufeinander abgestimmt sind.

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FAQ: Errorcode 60224 product is already registered

FAQ error code 60224: Product is already registered

Has the product key of your aerofly RC7 already been used for the maximum number of possible activations on different computers?In this case, please fill out the form completely so that we have all the information we need for a quick response.

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All former IKARUS GameCommander at a glance

Overview of old IKARUS GameCommanders

On this page you will find an overview of the various game and second player commanders. This page is for you and IKARUS support when it comes to assigning a control unit in a specific support case. All GameCommanders on this page are no longer available!

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